The School Day

The Start of the Day

The school operates a ‘soft start’ at the beginning of the day. Pupils are able to come into school when the gates are opened at 8.40am every morning.

Registration is at 8:55am.

Pupils are expected to arrive punctually as great importance is attached to making a prompt start to the school day. The arrival of a latecomer not only affects that child’s educational opportunities but also causes disruption to the learning of the other pupils in the class.

Year GroupEntry Point
Reception and Years 1 and 2Taken to their classroom (outside doors)
Years 3 and 4Library entrance (off the front courtyard)
Years 5 and 6Main school entrance

The End of the Day

At the end of the school day, the school gates are opened at 3:05pm.

Year GroupCollection TimeCollection Point
Reception and Years 1 and 23:10pmTheir classroom (outside doors)
Years 3, 4 and 53:20pmThe large playground (red surface)
Year 63:20pmThe front courtyard

Total Compulsory Time in School for a Typical School Week

Based on the compulsory school day beginning with registration, and ending at the collection time for each year group, the compulsory time pupils spend in school for a typical school week is as follows:

Year GroupsLength of the School DayTotal Time per Week
Reception to Year 26 hours 15 minutes31 hours 15 minutes
Years 3 to 66 hours 25 minutes32 hours 5 minutes


Year GroupFirst PlayLunchSecond Play
Reception and Years 1 and 210:35am – 10:55am12:00pm – 1:00pm2:20pm-2:40pm
Years 3 and 410:15am – 10:30am12:15pm – 1:15pm
Years 5 and 610:15am – 10:30am12:30pm – 1:30pm

The Nursery Class

SessionEntry PointCollection Point
8:45am – 11:45amTaken to the classNursery Classroom