Partnership Agreement

The School

  • We will work with home and parish to support children in their faith formation and spiritual growth.
  • We will promote equal opportunities by treating all members of the school community fairly and with respect, encouraging them to develop positive relationships.
  • We will encourage children to follow the rules and provide them with a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment.
  • We will provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum to meet the needs of each child.
  • We will support children in developing a responsible attitude to online safety and well-being.
  • We will provide interesting and exciting extra-curricular activities.
  • We will keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress.
  • We will inform you of any concerns that we may have about your child’s wellbeing and learning. 


  • I will support my child’s growth in Faith by living according to the commitment made at my child’s Baptism.
  • In order to allow my child the opportunity to access the full curriculum, I will ensure my child attends school each day and arrives and leaves punctually.
  • I will take an interest in my child’s learning by attending Parent/Teacher Conferences and by keeping up-to-date with the school communications, including the website.
  • I will encourage my child to follow the school rules.
  • I will ensure my child completes all homework, including reading each day.
  • I will support the school in teaching children how to keep themselves safe and happy online and by maintaining an open dialogue about online activity with my child.
  • I will inform the school of any personal issues which may affect my child’s health, learning, behaviour or wellbeing.
  • I will support the school, when possible, with trips, workshops and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) activities.
  • I will be respectful to staff, parents/carers and children within the school and local community.
  • I will be supportive of the school guidelines and policies; particularly in respect of learning, behaviour, uniform and conduct.

The Child

  • I will show honesty and respect to other children and adults by living the school’s Mission Statement:

‘In our school we learn and love, we pray and play, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.’

  • I will talk to a member of staff if I am worried about anything.
  • I will follow the school rules, including online safety and wellbeing rules, and look after school property.
  • I will always try my best and begin to take responsibility for my own behaviour and learning.
  • I will bring to school everything that I need for the day.
  • I will work hard to achieve the next steps in my learning; including completing my homework.
  • I will make the most of the extra-curricular activities that are available at the school.