Parent and Carer Engagement

Parent/Carer Contact Details

Parents are asked to provide the school with emergency contact details for three named people. Parents must notify the school office immediately of any changes to mobile, home or work telephone numbers and email  addresses to ensure that they can always be contacted during school hours. Any change of address must be notified to the school office immediately.

Appointments with the Headteacher or Class Teachers

Parents are always welcome to come into the school as partners in their child’s education.

All appointments to see the Headteacher are made through the school office.

Should any parent wish to discuss a matter with their child’s class teacher, it is necessary to make an appointment. Any email communications for teachers should be sent via the administration email address.

Parent/Carer Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are held three times a year so that parents can discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. Written reports are sent home towards the end of each school year.  The school uses questionnaires to ascertain the views of parents in order to review and further improve the performance of the school.

Parental Feedback

The school values parental feedback and uses questionnaires to ascertain views in order to review and further improve the performance of the school.

Other Sources of Information

The school produces a monthly newsletter and maintains this website to keep the school and parish community up to date with the latest news and forthcoming events.