Religious Education

Religious Education permeates everything we do at Larmenier & Sacred Heart. It underpins all aspects of the curriculum, school life and ethos.

“Religious education is never simply one subject among many, but the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in Catholic religious education inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of a Catholic school.”

(Statement from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, May 2000)

The ‘God Matters’ programme, developed by Portsmouth Diocese, is the main scheme of work used at Larmenier & Sacred Heart. The document consists of a rolling set of units, re-visited and built upon each academic year. The units are ordered to correspond with the Churches’ Liturgical Year in order to enhance children’s understanding and deepen their learning.

Through a range of creative learning and teaching experiences, teachers draw upon Scripture to help children discover how the Word of God and traditions of the Church have meaning in their everyday lives. The values and beliefs explored in lessons are encouraged and lived out in our school community 

The children also research and learn about other world faiths throughout each academic year. They learn about how believers live out their lives, how prayer has a place in the lives of followers and about different religious celebrations and festivals. The school also dedicates one week each year to learning about the Jewish faith in greater depth. 

Overview of the RE Curriculum.