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Admissions Consultation 2023-24

Admissions Consultation 2023-24
Please see the documents below for details of the proposed Admissions Policy for 2023-24 and the proposed Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 2023-24.
Please note that the school proposes the following changes:
1. Admissions Policy - Inclusion of two more categories in Oversubscription Criteria as follows:  
Category 7. Children of other Christian denominations whose membership is evidenced by a minister of religion (see note 7);
Category 8. Children of other faiths whose membership is evidenced by a religious leader (see note 8).
2. Admissions Policy – Inclusion of a top priority within each category (1-9) as follows:
2. Children eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium or the Pupil Premium.
3. Admissions Policy – Inclusion of details regarding Eligibility for the Early Years Pupil Premium and the Pupil Premium.
4. Admissions Policy – Addition of notes 7 and 8 regarding children of other Christian denominations and children of other faiths.
5. Admissions Policy – Addition of note 11 regarding child’s home address. 
6. SIF - Removal of sibling details.
7. SIF - addition of Pupil Premium Eligibility status.
8. SIF - addition of the following request under documentation:
Proof of Early Years Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium eligibility (if applicable) – see page 2 of the Admissions Policy. 
The consultation period is from Thursday 16th December 2021 to Thursday 27th January 2021.  
Please address any comments to the Admissions Committee at the School address or by email to [email protected]