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Roasting Marshmallows!

Roasting Marshmallows was so much fun!

First we entered the forest , then we saw the fire!

The teachers roasted our marshmallows then handed them out. The marshmallows were so creamy and delicious!I would definitely do this again!

We sang songs that the teachers taught us. We had so much fun!!!

by V.S and E.B

Woodland Walks

Sayers Croft is so nice because you can hear the owls hooting at night and the birds chirping at day. The forests are even better…

Anyway the forest has so much to offer like the wildlife and trees have all of the  different colours and the walks are so lovely. Sometimes you see little bunnies or little mice scurrying. The forest is a nice place to clear your head, play games, climb in the trees or run in the hills. You can have a night walk or campfire while eating marshmallows. The forest is by far the best place in Sayers Croft.


WOOO! Such A Busy Day!

Today, in the morning, we were doing rock climbing! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN! Even though it was tiring and freezing, it was incredibly enjoyable. The most fun part of the rock climbing for me was when we had to get up and down, it was so funny, we got to do poses and we did loads of other activities!

In the morning, we went onto the woodland challenge (since I am in a different group). After the fun woodland obstacle course we had climbing too, IT WAS SUPER  FUN! I liked the climbing a lot and surprisingly, on both the climbing challenges I was very fast (One of my friends estimated how fast my climbing was and they said it was 16 seconds).