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Day 3!

In the morning we started the day off with some wall climbing which I found super fun. We all took turns to get to the top and quite a few people made it. Next we did woodland ropes.

After lunch we made shelters so then we could see if it was bear proof.

After all of that we then did blindfold maze, A lot of people were nervous that their partner would trick them and so was I but it ended out completely fine.

Finally we finished off the day by doing a campfire and we had marshmallows which were really tasty and we also sang songs.


Sayers Croft Recently 5B

Today we had sausages for breakfast, rock climbing(I got on the top), and woodland ropes (it was quite fun). Lunch was pizza, boiled eggs and bacon, and then we made shelters!

Tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic Thursday!


Day 2 of Sayers Croft!

First, the day began with some good old rock climbing which started the day off very well! After a demonstration we did it ourselves which was a lot of fun but a little bit scary — the top was 8ft!

The most exciting part of the day was caving. There was a fibre glass cave with different routes.

We also crafted some Hazel Frames they are like a showcase made out of hazel tree sticks. Even though it ended up  being very messy it was worth it because we were then all happy with the results.

IB and KK and JUS

Sayers Croft Day 2

Today we did the gladiator challenge. The gladiator challenge relies on two people climbing up an obstacle course and getting as high as possible. It was a challenge but most people got to the top. The people waiting for their turn got to pull the rope. It wasn’t a competition but we had fun going against each other.
We also did an earth walk out side and found loads of cool flowers and trees.


Sooo Comfy

Who are the snoodie queens? It is us ! We were feeling so cold outside and we could not feel our feet  in the snow. But overall we had so much fun doing compassing and orienteering that we could not say anything. But it was not until we went into our dormitory that the heat with our snoodies filled the  dormitories with joy.

EA and HdC


Woods Compass!

Today we went in the woods and learned how to use a compass in the cold and the snow! We worked in partners and had four courses of our choice to achieve. We could choose between the two easiest courses, blueberry or cream. When we had finished them, we did chocolate or orange. It was really fun (even in the cold!)

AR and LT