8 thoughts on “Shelter Building!”

    1. I agree with you on Ms Cahill’s hat! My husband has a monkey hat that we all love but yours tops that Ms Cahill! Hope the teachers are having a good time too and thank you so much.

  1. Amazing work 5B and 5G !
    You must have worked really hard making those shelters ( especially in this cold weather) and the smiles on your faces show that you are proud of the work you did 😊
    A big well done to all of you !!!

  2. Great that you are learning new skills!

    GP maybe you can build us a den in Richmond Park or the woods at Pale Well! Enjoy your time at Sayers Croft and see you soon 🙂

    Mum xxx

  3. Hello to everyone at Sayers Croft (staff and children),
    I am so impressed with the shelters that you built yesterday, great team work!
    I hope you all enjoy your walk up Pitch Hill today.
    Best wishes,
    Miss McGinty

  4. To LN and the rest of Yr 5 😀
    You continue to amaze us! Quite impressive building skills and creativity! Well done!
    Hugs and kisses LN 🥰

    ❤️Mum & Dad

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