10 thoughts on “Sayers Croft – So Far So Fab!”

  1. Hello year 5! It is so nice to see all of you having fun out there. Those smiles on your faces are priceless.🤩 – AD’s mum

  2. What a second day! So far, so FAB indeed!!🥰
    To LN : You’ve made a lovely artwork! Well done!
    Explore nature at its best! Missing you so much!❤️Mum & Dad

  3. For GF
    It looks like you’re all having a fabulous time doing some bonkers activities. We miss you at home and we’re looking forward to hearing all the stories and about all the fun you’re having. Keep on making the most of it and making great memories with your friends. We love you lots and lots!
    From Mummy, Daddy and the B. Xxxxx

  4. A.A ❤️and M.A. ❤️ Canım kızlarım , how are you ? Love seeing all your adventures, missing you very much! Btw .. It’s extremely quiet in here .. looking forward to Friday and all the noise 😉 Enjoy your time, have fun, keep warm XX

  5. Hi Year 5,
    I’m so glad to see you all having such a great time and I’m really enjoying reading your blog posts!
    Your parents and carers have already left over 120 comments! They might set a new record!
    Enjoy the next few days. See you next week!
    Mr. R

  6. Hello TM, looking at the pictures looks like you are having a great time and enjoying the adventures with your friends. We miss you and can’t wait to listen to all the stories when you come back, T has already started counting down the days ❤️❤️! We love you from Dad, Mom, T and T 🥰.

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