I have had a very good time at Sayers Croft so far. We have been orienteering and did a compass trail hunting points around the woods. I did both of these with my partner. For the orienteering, me and my partner were the only people to finish the whole task. Teachers were really impressed with our team work.

     Bye A.D

Sooo Comfy

Who are the snoodie queens? It is us ! We were feeling so cold outside and we could not feel our feet  in the snow. But overall we had so much fun doing compassing and orienteering that we could not say anything. But it was not until we went into our dormitory that the heat with our snoodies filled the  dormitories with joy.

EA and HdC



After we had learnt how to use a compass we learnt how to find our way with a map. We first had to go and find the names of specific buildings. After, we had to find the buildings and with a clue find a letter that was hidden. It was great fun even though it was quite cold! C.R

Woods Compass!

Today we went in the woods and learned how to use a compass in the cold and the snow! We worked in partners and had four courses of our choice to achieve. We could choose between the two easiest courses, blueberry or cream. When we had finished them, we did chocolate or orange. It was really fun (even in the cold!)

AR and LT