Roasting Marshmallows!

Roasting Marshmallows was so much fun!

First we entered the forest , then we saw the fire!

The teachers roasted our marshmallows then handed them out. The marshmallows were so creamy and delicious!I would definitely do this again!

We sang songs that the teachers taught us. We had so much fun!!!

by V.S and E.B

Day 3!

In the morning we started the day off with some wall climbing which I found super fun. We all took turns to get to the top and quite a few people made it. Next we did woodland ropes.

After lunch we made shelters so then we could see if it was bear proof.

After all of that we then did blindfold maze, A lot of people were nervous that their partner would trick them and so was I but it ended out completely fine.

Finally we finished off the day by doing a campfire and we had marshmallows which were really tasty and we also sang songs.