Adventures Seekers Come to Sayers Croft!

I can’t believe we are going to Sayers Croft for 5 days. We are so lucky to go there, I’m feeling really nervous to go but, I have been away from home lots of times so I might be okay. I am also excited!

I am looking forward for the activities these are some of the activities:

  • Disco
  • Rock climbing
  • Nature walk
  • Archery
  • Blind folded challenge
  • Movie night

I hope we have a good time!


Sayers Croft Is So Good!

I’m feeling very good because I’ve been waiting for Sayers Croft since year 3. I hope we can do all of the exciting activities before we leave.

I’m looking forward to every single activity and sleeping with             THE BOYS. But I promise I will sleep at the right time and not get into trouble!

Sayers Croft I’m Soo Ready!!

I am feeling very excited to go Sayer Croft! Only three days to go! I am also feeling very nervous because I might miss my family and my dog so much. I’m so happy as well because I will be sleeping with my friends for a WEEK and it will be just like a sleepover.

I’m looking forward to have a movie night and EVERYTHING we are doing!!! Hopefully I have the best time ever in the world!!!


Sayers Croft, I’m coming!!

Today I am feeling soo enthusiastic. Just three days to wait! I am also feeling  scared because I will miss my family but I have some coming with me. It will be very cool because it will be like a sleep over with my friends.

I’m looking forward to the movie night, abseiling, rock climbing orienteering and most of all THE DISCO. Hopefully I will have a good time!