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Crazy Croft

We did hazel frame as our first activity today.Hazel frame is when you create a picture frame with hazel branches and put natural items between two pieces of tissue paper and attach it to the frame.

Everyone created a unique design for their frame and they all looked amazing! We could choose between a triangle frame or a rectangle frame and then we went outside to collect leaves or whatever we wanted that was flat.

These are some of my classmates making their frames.


Crazy Caving

Me and my friend were very nervous at the start because we thought that the cave was real and will probably cave in!

So we asked that if the cave was real and our instructor said it was made artificially so we were excited, and the best part was to go in the ball pit and I really enjoyed it!



Yesterday, we went to the woodland ropes and then we went caving.

At the woodland ropes we got told all the information about our safety then we got clipped on.

It was amazing. First, we climbed across a rope bridge, then we went on to the wobbly logs. After that, a magic skate board then a climbing wall, a wooden bridge a cargo net and finally a ZIP WIRE!


Double the Game, Double the Smiles!

We are having a great time and have some free time to play board games and read while some of my classmates are writing some letters to YOU parents and carers!

Here’s an example:

Here is me and my bestie playing doubles:

Picture illustrated by HL

Written by INC








What a Rainy Start!

This morning we woke up and went down for breakfast. The breakfast was really good  and I enjoyed it. We returned and it was starting to rain so we had to walk quickly as possible to our cabin. After a while it started to rain really heavily, but that won’t stop the fun! A-L