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Hopping to Spain for a Week!

This was us in archery.

We were playing a game where we had to hit a colour, and depending on what colour we got, we were told three different things and we put them together and then it told us something.

I got to go to Spain! I had to hop but I got to stay there for a week!


Pitch Hill

Today we went to Pitch hill it was fun. On the way back we saw a strange log with a face it was made of mushrooms. After, we did a shower of leaves! Our hands got dirty but we didn’t mind. I really enjoyed it. A-L

Camp Fire!

Yesterday night we went to the wood to do a camp fire,  I enjoyed it so much. We had some marshmallows (they were pink) then we did some sing along it was really fun. The marshmallows were roasted really well. When you bit into it them they were nice and sticky.


Pitch Hill Horse

Today, we went to Pitch Hill and it was soo muddy and wet .

While we were walking, we met a new horse friend. It was in a coat and it looked so warm!

It was really funny, when the horse looked at us it was like he was posing .

Hazel Frames

Today we were doing hazel frames.

They were made using twigs from hazel trees, natural items, and tissue paper. We stuck leaves and twigs inside and glued them with PVA glue IT WAS REALY FUN!

Then we put them on wire racks and then we can take them home at the end of the trip.


We made many beautiful masterpieces with the contents of the woodland.

We walked into the woods in pairs. And we stopped to look at a hide(which is a place that blends in with the background where you can spot animals).

Then we walked on a bit more and stopped at a camp fire to talk about our task. We had to make pieces of art out of natural materials. Then we would compare when we finished.‎