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Pitch Hill

Pitch hill was very tiring but it was good for the view and we were in the clouds – it was so cool! It took us about two hours, then we got there and after lunch we had to go the other way. It was very dangerous but cool 😎 and we got very muddy!

Rock Climbing and Ropes Course


Today we did low ropes and rock climbing.

There were obstacles such as a skateboard on a panel and a string which we had to pull, and there was a zip line at the end of the course. Some people slipped in between the gaps and managed to get up with a friend’s help! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

At the end of that activity we went rock climbing with out our harness because we were low but some people fell down because they got tangled.

By, MZ

Night Walk

We did a night walk last night and it was amazing 🤩.

We all enjoyed it, my group and my friends – everyone! Our instructor told us what to do and then we set off on our course. We were scared 😱 at first but we got used to it. The course took 30 to 40 minutes it was so much fun – I hope for more!

by JT

Shelter Building

As a team, we worked together to create a sturdy, waterproof shelter.

It was a really hard choice between the six wonderful creations but ours was the winning shelter!

We had loads of fun even though it was muddy which created a challenge for the class.

Our First Experience in Sayers Croft

Our first day in sayers Croft has been amazing.

So far we have had adventures exploring and much more. Such as finding our way through the woods using a  compass and also using a map to find our way through sayers Croft.

In the woods, we had to find posts, we were doing it in pairs!

After Lunch We had a Scavenger hunt where we tried to find letters on a yellow board with clues to find them.

It was the best time and we cannot wait to know what we are going to do tomorrow!

MH and OK

Giant Games

The first day has been wonderful at Sayers Croft. After a delightful dinner, we went to the giant games room, filled with activities. There were all sorts of games to play, including Connect 4, Twister, and much, much more!

This has only been the first day here but we had so much fun! We are looking forward to everything else this week.

LM & LN, 5B