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Pitch Hill Hike !

To finish off our wondrous week of memorable moments and active activities, we set off for a two hour hike up the brilliant Pitch Hill. Squelching across: rivers, roads, and gully’s, finishing off with a well-deserved pack lunch.

We think that all of us have greatly enjoyed the trip and will always remember our magnificent journey. Just like all of the fun interactive activities during the week, I’m sure all of us have been enthusiastic in interesting themselves into new activities and experiences.

Thank you for SAYERS CROFT! CRG & FOH

Day 3 at Sayers Croft

We have done a lot today such as the gladiator challenge, the woodland ropes which kind of reminded me of go ape, a team challenge activity, where there were puzzles that we had to solve and show to a teacher, and arts and crafts!

I have to say today was AWESOME

From MM😊

Sayers Croft so Far…!!

Sayers Croft so far is fun with food better than ever and activities that help me to be comfortable with nature.

We went into a cave, it wasn’t so comfy with the tight spaces but I got use to it.  After that we did archery,  I was missing all my shots but then I was hitting them all and I even hit a red, I just needed to add a bit more power.

The compass was my favourite activity. I had to go to a pole and on that pole there was west east, north south and north west north east south west and south east we had to follow the direction and it lead us to another one.



Den Making in the Forest

During our visit to sayers Croft we were able to make dens in the woods. When we were finished, we went around seeing every ones dens testing if they were storm and rain proof.


Den making in the forest was very fun although we got a bit dirty but it was worth it. Ours was shaped like a cabin and it passed all the tests!


Learning Archery!

We have been doing some archery, and we all really enjoyed it, and thought it was super fun. It included a holiday game, where depending on the colour you hit, you look on the sheet and it will tell you where you go, how long for and how you get there! You get three goes each time. And I must say, Mr. O’Connor was extremely good in particular (he hit the second smallest circle, still in the yellow, but there was a smaller one within it, so close!)

Everyone was really good, and stayed positive, even if they kept on missing the board. The teachers explained it well, and made it easy for us to follow!