Climbing in Sayers Croft

Today, we went climbing. We did a course where we had a harness that went around our legs. Some of the things were a skateboard,  a climbing wall with foot holds and hand holds and a massive green net that we had to get through. After the net, at the end there was a zip-line, which was probably the most exciting bit, although all of it was fun.

After that, we did the gladiator challenge where we had to climb as high as we could, and I reached the top. We put on orange or blue helmets and that put us into two teams – the blue team and the orange team. The people who weren’t climbing pulled the rope for the climber, so we were in charge of the climber’s safety. The person at the end had to make sure that the rope did not go into the mud, and put it in a red tray.  When the person wanted to go down, the person in charge would lower them down with a small black leaver, and we would have to feed the rope in.

As everyone had done both things by then, as we had split into two groups at the beginning, we were allowed to do bouldering across the building, and we were warned that there was an overhang on the inside. There was nothing to attach us to the wall so we stayed near the bottom of the line and went round twice, but then the time was up and we had a to go.


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