Hazel Frames

Today we were doing hazel frames.

They were made using twigs from hazel trees, natural items, and tissue paper. We stuck leaves and twigs inside and glued them with PVA glue IT WAS REALY FUN!

Then we put them on wire racks and then we can take them home at the end of the trip.

Day 3 at Sayers Croft

We have done a lot today such as the gladiator challenge, the woodland ropes which kind of reminded me of go ape, a team challenge activity, where there were puzzles that we had to solve and show to a teacher, and arts and crafts!

I have to say today was AWESOME

From MM😊

Rock Climbing and Ropes Course


Today we did low ropes and rock climbing.

There were obstacles such as a skateboard on a panel and a string which we had to pull, and there was a zip line at the end of the course. Some people slipped in between the gaps and managed to get up with a friend’s help! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

At the end of that activity we went rock climbing with out our harness because we were low but some people fell down because they got tangled.

By, MZ