Learning Archery!

We have been doing some archery, and we all really enjoyed it, and thought it was super fun. It included a holiday game, where depending on the colour you hit, you look on the sheet and it will tell you where you go, how long for and how you get there! You get three goes each time. And I must say, Mr. O’Connor was extremely good in particular (he hit the second smallest circle, still in the yellow, but there was a smaller one within it, so close!)

Everyone was really good, and stayed positive, even if they kept on missing the board. The teachers explained it well, and made it easy for us to follow!


4 thoughts on “Learning Archery!”

  1. We are really missing you at home, CRG – especially W who is back to sleeping in the kitchen – and wondering what you are up to. I expect you are having so much fun – it certainly sounds like it. Miss you and love you loads. Mum. x

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