Day 2!

We woke up but it was very dark still so some of us started reading or talking.

Breakfast was really good, we had pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast (the egg was hard boiled).

After that we did shelter building. Our hands got very dirty, it it was really nice to see the woods that surrounded us.

We did the blindfold challenge after. We were out in pairs and one of us was blindfolded by the teacher. Our partners had to guide us through without touching us.

Our lunch was pizza with potatoes and corn.

After that we were split into two groups and one group had to go to caving and the other group had to go to the ropes course.

The caving was really fun technically it was just like a memory game. We were told the instructions to go through the cave and we had to remember.

The ropes course was surprisingly hard even though it was really fun. The zip wire was my favourite.

Then we had more free time!


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