Large Games!

Today, before we slept, we did large games. We went to another building and we all played the games.

There were games like twister, snakes and ladders, bowling, 4 in a row and noughts and crosses.


Giant Games

During giant games we played many wonderful games.

My favourite was giant  jenga. Although you had to be careful when it falls.

It was really fun, there were many games such as snakes and ladders, twister, naughts and crosses, connect four and bowling.


Our First Experience in Sayers Croft

Our first day in sayers Croft has been amazing.

So far we have had adventures exploring and much more. Such as finding our way through the woods using a  compass and also using a map to find our way through sayers Croft.

In the woods, we had to find posts, we were doing it in pairs!

After Lunch We had a Scavenger hunt where we tried to find letters on a yellow board with clues to find them.

It was the best time and we cannot wait to know what we are going to do tomorrow!

MH and OK

First day at Sayers Croft !

Here we are, our first night at Sayers Croft, all having fun in the games room! Some playing noughts and crosses, others Connect 4, and some playing the game of their lives at bowling! W’ere all happy of where we are right now and what activities we have done so far.

Our first activity has been doing a game including compasses in the Wood. Our activity was to name all the buildings (not crossing the boundaries) in Sayers Croft by exploring this wonderful place. And our third was to see letters written on different places like: trees, posts, sheds and dormitories!

Giant Games

The first day has been wonderful at Sayers Croft. After a delightful dinner, we went to the giant games room, filled with activities. There were all sorts of games to play, including Connect 4, Twister, and much, much more!

This has only been the first day here but we had so much fun! We are looking forward to everything else this week.

LM & LN, 5B

Game night

We are starting with some fun games before going to bed enjoying life. Super fun, we have done two activities outside in the nature.
Everyone is having so much fun so far hopefully it is like this the whole week!


Orienteering and Woods Compass

When we went outside the fresh air took it’s toll on us as we got excited for the week ahead.

Our first task was Orienteering. The leader for our class told us what we should do. We had to find different buildings in Sayers Croft and name them on the paper map we had.  The second part of orienteering was to find small yellow boxes with numbers and letters on them. We used the them to fill out a crossword.

Our second activity of the day was woods compass. We learnt how to navigate with it and we’re told to go through the woods following signs with directions on which way to go.

Our first day was really amazing I hope every day will be as wonderful!