Residential Coming Up!

I feel quite excited but shy at the same time because it is going to be one of my first time sleeping with so much people in the same dormitory and with some people which have quite a lot of energy (Might not be able to get some sleep!) but I will still see my friends!

I’m excited for the following activities that might happen for example: Archery, rock climbing, Abseiling, and apparently there will be a Disco on the first or last day at probably one of the best kid’s  and Adults residential trips. I am looking forward to it a lot and I can’t wait to see what adventure we might accomplish and what types of activities we are going to do.    😍

Blog post by A.R

Waiting For Sayers Croft

I’m really excited, it seems like Sayers Croft will be brilliant as we did some research and  all the activities seem interesting – archery, rock climbing, orienteering, and a night walk!

Other schools that have been there have said that it was brilliant and that all the food was home-made.

We are going as a class, but the other class is coming too,  so that we might meet as a year group (but mostly as a class) so then we can have fun together.


Runners Up for Sayers Croft

So I am a student from Larmenier and Sacred Heart and next Monday we’re going and I have felt super excited for months!

I am excited for archery and rock climbing because I’ve never done either of them.

I’m most excited about being there for a week with all my friends but sad I won’t see my family.

RL out 😜!



Looking Forward to Sayers Croft

I’m  looking forward to Sayers Croft but I’m also nervous. I bet it’ll be a great experience, me and my friends have heard great things about it from lots of people who’ve  been.

There will be lots of challenges but they’re all fun. There are going to be bunks so you can choose who you sleep with. The games will be fun, there will be archery, rock climbing, a night walk and so much more!

I’ve been counting down the days until Sayers Croft and there’s under 4 days – can’t wait!



An Adventure Worth Knowing!

I can’t wait for one of the best experiences of my LIFE!

Sayers Croft really does sound like something worth knowing. I’m really excited about archery and rock climbing. Although I’m a little nervous because I’ve never left my family for five days. I hope it goes well.

Sayers Croft

I’m very excited but nervous at the same time. I can’t wait to do the rock climbing, adventures and challenges that are waiting for me!😃I definitely think that one of my nicest memories at primary school is probably going to be Sayers Croft and spending time with my friends there. 🤩(It’s a bit like having a whole week sleep-over with the whole class!!)

Although I am a bit worried that I might forget some clothes or my toothbrush (I always forget my toothbrush wherever I go!) or just some essential items that I need in order to do something at Sayers Croft.

I am very excited for many sports like ARCHERY – I have always wanted to do archery – and ROCK CLIMBING and especially the NIGHT WALK😲. I have absolutely no idea of what it is but just the name makes it seem interesting!

Even though 5 days is a lot for a school trip I wish we could stay even more…

I can’t wait for what’s to come!