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Well, after a most extraordinary two years, on behalf of the school, Year 5 are finally able to make a return to Sayers Croft! Rain or shine, cold weather or mild, the children will appreciate it all the more.

Long days spent in the crisp cold (wrapped up warm), challenging themselves to try new activities and to go a little further or a little higher than they thought they might. Outdoor evening activities braving the darkness together. An unforgettable experience!

To document their adventures, as in previous years, the children will be taking photos on our school iPod Touches and then using them to post to this blog. Please feel free to also leave your comments, and I will approve anything posted each evening from school.

The children will sign off their posts with their initials, and will not be referring to each other by name. Should you decide to leave a message of encouragement, we ask that you also refer to the children using their initials.

The children and staff accompanying them are all looking forward to a fun-filled week of personal challenges and team building activities, and we hope you enjoy hearing about them here!

Best wishes to them all! Mr. Ross :-).

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  1. E O’D. Hope you had an amazing first day and night… Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Love you loads, Mummy

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