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The Campfire!

Today we went on a walk to the campfire and the teachers made a great fire to make roasted marshmallows!

Below is a photo from our archery activity …

The Night Walk

When we were on the night walk every one was in a group of four to go to the woods by themselves. It was very scary!

This is a photo of shelter building …

Day 3:ropes course – S.I

Firstly, we went across a rope bridge.

Secondly, we would swing plank to a plank.

Then, we would balance on a skateboard and pull ourself along with a rope.

Next, we would do rockclimbing.

Finally, we would go down a zipline!

Day Three S.D

This morning we went to the woodland ropes which was like a mini Go Ape! Then we went to archery and we learned how to shoot an arrow.

After that we had our lunch. When we had finished we went to build shelters.

Later on we did some blindfold activities where we blindfolded a partner and had obstacles. When we had finished we did a really fun maze and had to find a clue.

After we ate dinner and then we went to the campfire. Now we are going to do a night walk in the dark!

Day 3 A.M

This morning we were split in two groups. My group did archery first. We first tried a few shots and then we did two games. The first one was you have three arrows and each colour your arrow landed on was part of a story. In the second game, each colour you hit is part of a burger.