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Day 3

Firstly, we did archery.

The second session we did the ropes course.

Thirdly, we did a maze and then a campfire ?! C.H.S

Going to Pitch Hill!

Today we went to ‘Pitch Hill’! It was the ¬†best. At Pitch Hill we all went climbing and at first we thought it would take 20 mins but it took 3 hours to get there! But then we finally got there! There we played this game where you had to get as many pine cones as possible and make a line.


Finding our buildings

For our first activity we were given maps, one that is plastic and one that was made out of paper. Then we went into pairs and started searching the name of the buildings we were told.

For our next activity we all got maps and we needed to find letters by reading clues. It was lots of fun and the best day ever!