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Wind, Bear, WATER – S.S.F

Today we did some shelter building and we used lots of logs to make a small home incase there is an emergency in the woods.

Our shelter let in a little bit of rain and the bear nearly ate us!

It was great fun! SSF.

First day at sayers croft!


Today when we first arrived we were shown to our cabins, we made our beds and we started unpacking.

Then we went to lunch and on the menu was jacket potato with a side of tuna, mince and baked beans.

Then we got to our first activity orienteering, it was very fun. We tracked different buildings.  For the second activity we did the same but it was like a word scavenge.

For our final challenge we went into the woods to work out how to locate things using a compass.

Then we finished unpacking and had a nice cup of hot chocolate. So far in my opinion this day has been a blast, we can wait for more!

Written by ID