The Amazing Sayers Croft Trip

Breakfast this morning was yummy!

Today we did high ropes it was fun and I was nervous but I did it! We also did a blind folded maze and a coded maze and we did archery ??.

Lunch today was pizza and dorritos.

This evening we had a fire and we roasted marshmallows. Then we went back to our dorms and we all waited to do a night walk! …

Day Three S.D

This morning we went to the woodland ropes which was like a mini Go Ape! Then we went to archery and we learned how to shoot an arrow.

After that we had our lunch. When we had finished we went to build shelters.

Later on we did some blindfold activities where we blindfolded a partner and had obstacles. When we had finished we did a really fun maze and had to find a clue.

After we ate dinner and then we went to the campfire. Now we are going to do a night walk in the dark!

Natural Hazel Frames! FAP

We made some amazing hazel frames today!

First, we got some hazel branches/twigs and put them in the shape of a triangle/square.

Secondly, we got some tissue paper and we made crosses out of it.

Then we glued all the paper and we put leaves on it. Then we put another sheet of tissue paper on top to close it.

Now our hazel frames are drying and we will get them on Friday when we will sadly have to leave Sayers Croft.