The Sayers Croft experience – REM

This has been some of the most fun in years! I was super muddy and am unbelievably tired but it’s so worth it.

On the first day we did woods compass where you had to navigate with a compass and there were poles with directions on them. You then had to follow the direction where a pole would be waiting for you and so on!

Pitch Hill Walk

Today we did a walk to go to Pitch Hill. It was very muddy because of the rain but fun with our leader. We had to walk 5 miles to go to the peak. I hope it will be great tomorrow with all the activities.


Today we went to Pitch Hill and there was lots of mud. We were able to run in the mud and have some fun!


It was so much fun –  we walked 5miles! We went up a steep hill. When we arrived at the top of the hill we had a picnic. We took lunch with the other class and played a game with them.


Pitch Hill Walk – JF

I knew it would be fun but it was also a bit of a pain! We walked 3 hours up and 3 hours down and my legs were sore! I felt like I couldn’t go any further! I liked the puddles, though, and it was great fun.

We found out where a stream led to and we played a game on bridges by dropping a leaf on one side and seeing if it would come out the other.

It was also foggy and we had lunch in a cloud at the top!

Going to Pitch Hill!

Today we went to ‘Pitch Hill’! It was the  best. At Pitch Hill we all went climbing and at first we thought it would take 20 mins but it took 3 hours to get there! But then we finally got there! There we played this game where you had to get as many pine cones as possible and make a line.