It’s January, and Year 5 have been back at school for just one week following the Christmas holidays, which means it’s high time they headed off again for another week! This time, however, they are going to Sayers Croft for 5 days of team challenges and outdoor activities.

During the trip, the children will be encouraged to record some of their experiences in this blog. We will have with us a set of iPod touches and the children will have the opportunity to compose text and take photographs using them and upload their efforts as a blog post.

The first posts from Sayers Croft will hopefully start appearing on Monday evening, and then each evening after that. We do hope you will keep returning to the blog to catch up with our activities!

Please do post your comments at the end of any of our blog posts. They will not appear immediately on the site, as they must be approved for publishing first (a safety feature).

Mr. Ross and The Larmenier Staff Team :-).

44 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Glad to hear that you all arrived safe and already enjoying your day.
    Missing you already…mum,dad and brothers xoxox

  2. Hello OL,
    Hope you are having the time of your life!
    It is very quiet here without you.
    Enjoy yourself.
    Mum, dad & little brother

  3. Hope you’re having fun and we miss you already. Have a super dooper amazing time !!! love mum and dad and your sisters

  4. Glad to hear you all arrived safely. We miss you RB, your lil siblings miss you very much! Have fun and enjoy the week ahead. Love Anghelito, Isabela, Mummy and Daddy xx

  5. Isa good morning!!! We wish you all a funtastic day. Don’t get frozen and enjoy the sun.
    Lots and lots of love
    Mum philo & mat

  6. Hope you’re having a fantastic time with your friends AL! Cannot wait to hear all your exciting stories.
    Have fun and enjoy making lots of wonderful memories!
    #funtimes xxx

  7. CP, I hope you are having a great time. It’s very quiet without you!! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back! Bobby has already got you your chocolate cake. Have fun and see you soon. Mum, dad and Bobby.xx

  8. Dear X, hope you’re having a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love M and D, Archie, Francesca and Taisy xx

  9. Glad to hear you all arrived safely. Your lil siblings miss you very much and so does your Lola. Have fun and enjoy the week ahead! Love Anghelito, Isabela, mummy and daddy xx

  10. Hi NN,
    Glad to see you have arrived safely, hope you are having fun. Missing you already. ❤️❤️
    Love from Mum, Dad, Diana & Thomas

  11. Looks like you having an amazing time, I really wish I could be there, hope it’s not too chilly.
    We are all missing you DMF, it’s so quiet here & Cellini & Toastie are sulking & can’t wait to see you!
    Isla says “I miss you”, see you soon xxxx

  12. Hello HB,
    I’m reading the activities you are doing there with your friends. Hope you are having a great time there. I know that you are a good girl and confident. So keep enjoying your activities until you come back. Love you ☺☺

  13. Hope you’re having a lovely time at Sayers Croft MA! We are missing you a lot especially Bereket! Have a lovely time with everyone. Love Mum, Dad and your brothers.

  14. Hi MO,

    We hope you are having an absolutely awesome time. Enjoy the 4!!! sleepovers. Stay happy and have the time of your life,
    Love from us all xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Our dearest FA we are sure you are enjoying yourself. Remember to take a lot of photos to show us. FA is missing you a lot and send you many bacioni. We love you. Divertiti !

    Mum, Dad and your little sister

  16. Glad to hear that you all arrived safely and enjoying yourselves. It sounds like you’re all having a blast. We wish you all a fantastic day
    We are all missing you especially your little brother

  17. Hi ODM
    Hope you are having a fantastic time.
    We all miss you loads. JJ keeps asking when you are coming home.
    Have fun. Love you
    Love from nanny xx

  18. Dear Olivia,
    Happy 10th Birthday!! We hope you have an amazing day with all your friends. ????
    Lots of love from Marina,mum,dad and your brothers. ?

  19. Hi ODC
    Hope you are having a fantastic time. JJ keeps asking when you are back.
    We all miss you loads.
    Have fun keep
    Love you

  20. Dear FA have a great and happy time!!! That’s a fantastic Experience! We follow you watching all the photos on the website! A big kiss and hugs from Ros Terry and grandparents in Rome. Divertiti!!!!

  21. AE,

    We miss you sooooo much…..but we are so glad to see you having fun with your friends.
    Asriel sends his love and he says it’s not the same without you.
    We love you and miss you.

    Mum, Dad and Asriel.???

  22. Hi GS & AS, hope you’re having a fantastic time! We’re looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on Friday, enjoy! Big bisous from us all ? ❤️ XOXOXO

  23. Hello EM. What is your favourite activity? Are you on the top bunk or bottom at bedtime? Are you having fun? Love from T (mummy and daddy too!) xxxooo ⚽️??????????????

  24. Loving you lots and missing you.
    Hope you are having a fantastic time.
    See you soon, love Daddy, Maria, Amara and Meelo xx

  25. Hope you’re having an amazing time.
    Missing you and looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

    Love mum and dad xxxxxxx

  26. Hello scouts.
    Explore the world, reach your limits but above all have fun! ?
    Love you MD and miss you so much.

  27. Hey ODG,
    Looks like your having so much fun.
    I miss you.
    Have fun at the disco tonight.
    Safe journey home tomorrow, can’t wait to see you.
    Love you so much love from Mummy xxxx

  28. Hello Ana, we do hope you’re having a great time! ? we miss you so much feels empty without you?? we love you!

  29. We received a lovely card yesterday! Delighted to hear the trip has been a blast. Can’t wait to hear more later!
    Gros Gros Baisers
    Xavier, Aurore & Maudy (GDM’s family)

    1. Grand Papa & Mamina send a lot of big kisses . Seems to be lucky ! Enjoyed your trip .

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