The work payed off!!

Yesterday morning we did our hike and it was not easy but when we got to see this outstanding view it was really worth it!

We didn’t just need speed we also needed durability.

After lunch we played hug the tree and giant hide and seek!

On the way back we were talking to Mr Ross about Star Wars!


The Pitch Hill Walk

We left the cabin at 9:30am and were all excited for the hike. We were thinking that it was going to be a very long walk!

It was a good day for a walk because it was quite sunny. We stopped after a while and sat down to talk about our surroundings. We listened to the sounds in the woods with our eyes closed.

When we got to the top we realised that all of the walking paid off, the view was really splendid, we could see almost the whole world!






Yesterday we played mudball which is football played in mud! I was the captain and the score was 5-5. There were a lot of amazing slide-tackles.

At the end we were all covered in mud and we needed to take a shower!


Ropes and Climbing

Two of our favourite activities were ropes and climbing. 

Before doing the Tarzan swing We felt really scared but excited at the same time because we didn’t know what would happen! Once we’d done it we felt really amazing because we were able to do it! 

Climbing was quite hard at first but it was really fun coming down!

So far Sayer’s Croft is AMAZING!