Map Reading

The teachers were impressed by the children’s map skills. They had to follow directions, use a key and label locations. Watch out world, 5G can read maps… They will be the explorers of the future!



We are having fun playing and learning new things at Sayers Croft.

We are having fun doing abseiling and rock climbing.

My friends and I had fun climbing Pitch Hill & doing archery.

LV and AM

Pitch hill

Pitch hill was an extremely long adventure, but when we reached the top it was all worth it. There was a small breeze that blew right past us and we looked at a perfect view. We started to eat our lunch gazing out onto the perfect scenery. Walking back we found out lots of facts my favourite fact was about a Jacob’s sheep it  is a white with brown spots and either male or female can grow horns and get their name from Jacob in the Bible. Then we found a log circle and began to say what we liked about the day. It will be a day we’ll never forget.     CN and MM

Pitch Hill

Today 5G and 5B went to the beautiful Pitch Hill. It was very tiring to get there and walking up the hill took ages. It was worth it though because the view was amazing and lunch was delicious. We all played games at the top and some girls made an awesome shelter out of twigs. It was an amazing trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone enjoyed it.