We were all so excited when we arrived at Sayers Croft. Every one was ready to unpack. When we reached the abseiling site today we were full of adrenaline, but a bit scared at first because the tower was really high. When I was at the top it was really scary but eventually we calmed down and stood on the edge and lowered ourselves. It was lots of fun and I even had a second go. AF & ST

Balancing and Wobbling!

Today I had an amazing time . The photo below is of me doing a rope course there  was lots of balancing and wobbling! The other activities were climbing , abseiling and a blindfolded maze . We are having a great time! EG

Day 2 at Sayers Croft

This morning we woke up and had a scrumptious breakfast with eggs, bacon, fried bread and toast.
Then we split into two groups and we all did rock climbing and ropes. The ropes were an exciting obstacle course and there was even a TARZAN SWING! CB & GDM


Our Adventures

Today was great fun. With our friends, we did rock climbing and in the forest we did wood compass where we had to find our way using a compass. We loved it so much that we could have spent the whole day there. H

We also did some adventures on ropes. It was so much fun! Afterwards we did some abseiling from the top of the climbing wall. It was awesome! AP & HC


Fun first days

Yesterday we were all really exited to go to Sayers croft!
When we got there we unpacked and then went straight to our activities our first activities were finding clues in a maze and our second activity was the blind fold trail. One us was blindfolded and the other one guided them. At the end of the day we all went on a night walk through the wood in the dark we read a story and looked at the stars it was amazing! LB CL OG