Every different direction!

Today we learned how to use a compass and navigate ourselves through the woods. The compass leads us in the right direction because there is a magnetic force field around the earth which makes the needle made out of metal move. To make it work you have to put the red part of the needle on the N which stands for north. My partner and I got really muddy and fell down several times. There were directions everywhere we had to follow.


Sayers Croft 2016

11th January 2016.                                                                                                      Firstly we used our mapping skills to navigate around the centre and label places. Next we created hazel frames. It was an awesome day.

First Day at Sayers Croft

The first day at Sayers Croft was amazing the food was great and the activities were mind blowing. When we all got of the coach we got our suitcases and followed one of the reps to our dorm. Then we had lunch and unpacked. After that we got our purse, torch and pencil case and we had hot chocolate. In a minute we will be having dinner. Breakfast is at 08:05, Lunch is at 12:20 and dinner is at 18:20.