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St Francis’ Basilica 

Today (14th June) we went to St Francis’ Bacillica. There we saw the intricate frescos that were carefully crafted in the 13 century. Each detailed fresco recounted the story of either Jesus’ life or St Francis’ life. As we walked through the basilica curiously we recapped what we’ve learnt over the past few days and we can’t wait to learn some more! (Shout out to C.B. on her birthday!!!!)

Z.F. & A.E.

Hello Year 2!

Hi 2G. I hope you’re having a great week with Miss Grahams. It’s so sunny here and the food is scrumptious. But the highlight is the gelato. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your week and telling you all about mine. What a wonderful place Assisi is! 🙂 Mr D

Having Fun in Assisi!

We have been having the best of times in Assisi; yesterday, after having the most amazing time up at the fort, we had an amazing ice-cream and then went back to our dormitories.

Today we went to the church of San Damiano and learned about the life of St Francis. We had a tour of the remaining frescoes in the church and parts of the building used by St. Claire.

We pit-stopped at the hotel and had a delicious lunch of bread rolls, fruit and a small cake.

We have enjoyed our time in Assisi very much so far!