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Thank You Father Ivano

The whole of year 6 would like to thank Fr Ivano for the wonderful masses and for leading us in our prayers.

He also told us about the crucifix that is now hanging in St Clare’s church. In one corner there is a small guard representing the guard who stabbed Jesus in the side. There is also a tiny rooster representing the denial of Jesus.

We all learned a lot and are very thankful!


Thank Yous! 

On behalf of every one we have had an awesome time in Italy so we would like to say thank you to: Gorgie Porgie, for everything he has done for us; to Miss Mcginty, for letting us us come on this trip and all of her efforts, all of the teachers for caring for us and putting up with us 24/5 and last but not least Mr Ross for putting up this fantastic blog ! ?


We arrived in Assisi early in the morning!

We played games in the courtyard, then we had lunch.

My favourite was the pudding, it was trifle!

After lunch we went to our rooms, I’m sharing with 2 of my friends!

I’m really enjoying myself in Assisi!