Final Day!

Sadly, we have reached the final day of this wonderful week. We have enjoyed it very much and have learned a lot of information about the life of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

We found this cross in particular to be interesting as it unusually depicts Jesus as still alive instead of dead. It is also the cross that spoke to Saint Francis in the church of San Damiano.



Thank You Father Ivano

The whole of year 6 would like to thank Fr Ivano for the wonderful masses and for leading us in our prayers.

He also told us about the crucifix that is now hanging in St Clare’s church. In one corner there is a small guard representing the guard who stabbed Jesus in the side. There is also a tiny rooster representing the denial of Jesus.

We all learned a lot and are very thankful!


Best School Trip Ever!

Wow! What an amazing trip!But if it hadn’t been for our awesome teachers; Miss Mcginty, Miss Davis, Mr Ross, Mr Defty, Mr Horton, Miss Susan, Miss Harris, Miss Teverson, Fr Ivano, and not forgetting Giorgo, our amazing guide, this trip wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you LARMENIER!???❤️


The End of the journey

I think speak for everyone when I say this trip has been epic!

We’ve seen so much…

We’ve learnt so much…

We have had so much fun…

I think we are ready to go home to our loving parents (besides they have had too much time to relax without us)!