The Tour About the Basilica

This morning we went to visit a Basilica of St Francis . We learnt a lot of things with our tour guide Marcella and these are some of the facts :

As soon as you enter you see the four names of the people who died in the earthquake 20 yrs ago

The frescoes were made with a special plaster underneath and it had to be wet when painting the pictures otherwise it would fail. That meant completing the painting in a day.

Those are only some of the things we learnt today!

The entrance:

The Tau cross behind our group.

We spell ASSISI…..

AP and LV

4 thoughts on “The Tour About the Basilica”

  1. Dear All and Dear F

    beautiful photos and great positions …you are having fun..this is fantastic Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

    Mum, Dad and F

  2. Hello EM!!
    Loving the photos, it looks like you are having a great time. After all that walking and sightseeing in the heat, you must be looking forward to the water park today – Enjoy!!! 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Mommy, Daddy and T xxx
    P.S. T wants to know what time you are going to bed!

  3. Hey ODC, looks like you’re having the best time. So good to see such lovely pics of you all.
    Enjoy the rest of your time, have lots of fun at the water park today. I love you and miss you lots and can not wait to see you tomorrow. Have fun 🙂
    Love you love from SC xxxx

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