Fun at the Basilica

We had a great time exploring the basilica and looking at the beautiful frescoes.

We learnt that they were painted in the 13 century and were intrigued at how they were preserved!

After we finished the tour we went outside and we took fun group pictures.


Paintings in Saint Francis’ Basillica

When we saw the Basillica of  Saint  Francis, we saw lots of the Gospel paintings by Giotto.

It was very interesting and colourful and you can spot the characters in the Gospel. I could see the clothes. Giotto painted lots of beautiful and moving pictures.

I would like to be a painter like Giotto. AC

Fantastic First Day!

When we arrived in Assisi it was very sunny and hot.

We went into an underground restaurant to eat our first delicious meal.

After that we checked into our rooms, unpacked our suitcases and went for a hike up the hill. We managed to reach the top! Most of us were playing frisbee with our teacher but the rest relaxed in the sun.

Later on we went to get an ice-cream or a slushy.

What a fantastic first day!


Hello Year 2!

Hi 2G. I hope you’re having a great week with Miss Grahams. It’s so sunny here and the food is scrumptious. But the highlight is the gelato. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your week and telling you all about mine. What a wonderful place Assisi is! 🙂 Mr D

Our Day At St.Francis’ Basillica

Today we went to The Basillica of Saint Francesco (or Saint Francis for short). It was quite a tiring journey but we managed to get there in the end!

When we got there we were given a tour of the huge Basillica. We learnt that there were 3 levels of the Basillica and that the first one was built in 1274.

When we went inside we went down into the cript and saw St Francis’ tomb. It was a very respectful atmosphere and a place of prayer.

We then returned to the hotel for lunch.

By T.A and M.A

Third Hot Day in Assisi!! 

The day started with a delicious breakfast, with a beautiful selection of cakes, croissants and jam (much more too!). Then we visited a beautiful gothic church, with frescos covering the walls. After that, we had a packed lunch, which was two sandwiches (ham and cheese) with a banana and a small piece of cake. What a wonderful start!