Fort and Ice Cream 

Yesterday, after we had arrived in Assisi, we went to a fort and played frisbee. After that we all went to get ice cream and ordered them ourselves “in italiano”!


3 thoughts on “Fort and Ice Cream ”

  1. Hello OL,

    We are really jealous of all that Italian gelato! You will never eat English ice-cream again!

    Have fun.

    Mum, Dad and M

  2. Ciao I!!!
    We are So happy seeing you all enjoying together this amazing and memorable adventure and learning new things! Love you more and than is possible that is impossible! Buona Notte e sogni d’oro a tutti.
    Mamma P and M

  3. Well done AS & GS, you both seem to be having a fantastic time with your friends. AS – happy to see you having THE slushy/”granita”!
    AS is having a sleepover tonight 🙂
    Big bisous and Lots of love from Maman & Daddy to both of you!

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