Last night when we went to bed, which is on the 5th floor, we started to play cards with some other girls.

When we were going to sleep we read a magazine and then suddenly we heard some music. We realised it was a man playing the bongos at about 10:45!

We still slept well!

By LMW and HB

Tanti Auguri a CB!

Today it was my Birthday!

At breakfast everybody sang Happy Birthday to me, and my friends gave me amazing Birthday presents that they bought here for me in secret!

This evening, the adults surprised me with a huge, delicious Birthday  cake!

I had a great day!


The Tour About the Basilica

This morning we went to visit a Basilica of St Francis . We learnt a lot of things with our tour guide Marcella and these are some of the facts :

As soon as you enter you see the four names of the people who died in the earthquake 20 yrs ago

The frescoes were made with a special plaster underneath and it had to be wet when painting the pictures otherwise it would fail. That meant completing the painting in a day.

Those are only some of the things we learnt today!

The entrance:

The Tau cross behind our group.

We spell ASSISI…..

AP and LV

St Francis’ Basilica 

Today (14th June) we went to St Francis’ Bacillica. There we saw the intricate frescos that were carefully crafted in the 13 century. Each detailed fresco recounted the story of either Jesus’ life or St Francis’ life. As we walked through the basilica curiously we recapped what we’ve learnt over the past few days and we can’t wait to learn some more! (Shout out to C.B. on her birthday!!!!)

Z.F. & A.E.

Fantastic First Day!

When we arrived in Assisi it was very sunny and hot. We went into an underground restaurant to eat our first delicious meal.

After that we checked into our rooms , unpacked our suitcases and went for a hike up the hill. We managed to reach the top!

Most of us were playing frisbee with our teacher but the rest relaxed in the sun. Later on we went to get an ice-cream or a slushy.

What a fantastic first day!