St. Francis and San Damiano.

Today we went to San Damiano and Brother Eunan spoke to us about the life of St Francis.

St. Francis was born in 1182 and lived for 44 years. His father was an Italian merchant and his mother was French.

When he was 19, he decided to Become a knight. He was captured by the opposition (Perugia) For around one year.

Later on in his life, he was praying in a chapel in front of a  crucifix when it began to tell him to rebuild the church. He sold all of his father’s clothes and his horse to generate money so he could rebuild the church where the crucifix was.

He then Took on a vow of Poverty and threw away all of his nice clothes and wore a habit instead.

Near his death, he recieved the stigmata wounds. (the wounds of Jesus on the cross.)

A replica of the crucifix that talked to st Francis.


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  1. Hi NS – great summary of the life of St. Francis, I learned a lot! I think you really earned another gelato! Have fun xxxxxxxxx Love LS

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