Our First Day

On Monday when we arrived at our hostel. The  first thing we did was unpack and expore our rooms, we went to the old town and followed a pathway to a fort.  There was an amazing view from the top.


St Francis

Today, Year 6 learnt about St. Francis and his life. We learnt that St Francis wasn’t always a religious man but he found God when he was in the army. God spoke to him in a dream saying,”Would you follow the master or the servant?” Francis understood what God said; he was led by God to a church which he needed to rebuild, Francis then turned to religion and started a life of peace.


Our Trip up to the Fortress

We first went through the town and that led us to a long stair case, which led us to a beautiful view.

Once we got to the top of the fortress we found a massive area of grass where we played frisbee.

Then we finally left after an hour of play and went down the hill to get an ice cream where we found a sign post where we saw all toursit attractions in Assisi.

After that we went back the house for dinner. OG OD

End of Day One: Dinner, Sunset, Bed Time

This evening we all showered and got dressed into clean outfits, and went down to dinner.

We had a lovely rice dish with eggs and fish as a starter, then a chicken and vegetables main course, followed by fruits.

When our group left dinner to walk back to the rooms and get ready for bed, we saw hundreds of birds flying over our heads, in front of a beautiful sunset. We had to stop for a picture!

San Damiano 

We caught a moment of beautiful scenery atop of the Friars chapel in San Damiano!

This amazing place was where St Clare spent the majority of her life praying. This was also where St Francis was inspired to build God’s Church.


Lunch In The Garden 

This is the garden.

Today we ate our lunch in the garden, which is an ancient theatre!

Earlier we celebrated Mass with Father Ivano at San Damiano.

We learned that St. Francis was rich and wanted to be a knight when he was young. He Fought for Assisi against Perugia and he was captured when Perugia won!


St. Francis and San Damiano.

Today we went to San Damiano and Brother Eunan spoke to us about the life of St Francis.

St. Francis was born in 1182 and lived for 44 years. His father was an Italian merchant and his mother was French.

When he was 19, he decided to Become a knight. He was captured by the opposition (Perugia) For around one year.

Later on in his life, he was praying in a chapel in front of a  crucifix when it began to tell him to rebuild the church. He sold all of his father’s clothes and his horse to generate money so he could rebuild the church where the crucifix was.

He then Took on a vow of Poverty and threw away all of his nice clothes and wore a habit instead.

Near his death, he recieved the stigmata wounds. (the wounds of Jesus on the cross.)

A replica of the crucifix that talked to st Francis.