Welcome to the 2017 Year 6 Pilgrimage to Assisi blog!

Once again, we are fortunate enough to be able to take Year 6 on a pilgrimage to Assisi to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis, and  offer our thanks to the Trustees of the Shrine in Assisi for making our trip possible.

We hope you will follow us on our journey to share in some of what we learn and some of the good times that we have together! The children will have with them iPod Touches which they will use to take photographs and to post to this blog.

We would like to encourage you to post your own comments and questions to the blog during the week, and we will endeavour to share them with the children.

Please note that the children will only ever sign off using their first and last initials, and if you wish to direct your comment or question to a particular child, we ask that you address them in the same way.

Also note that all comments to the blog must first be approved, and I may  edit them very slightly if need be – mainly for reasons of Internet Safety. This will happen mainly in the evenings so I appreciate your patience!

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Mr. Ross, all of the staff, and all of the children.