Welcome to Our 2016 Assisi Blog!

Welcome one and all to the latest in our series of school blogs devoted to our residential school trips.

Once again, the children in Year 6  have the privilege of taking part in our pilgrimage to Assisi where we follow in the footsteps of St Francis. As we have for the last two years, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Trustees of the Shrine in Assisi for making our trip possible.

Miss McGinty and Miss Davis will be leading this year’s trip and we will be documenting our experiences in this blog with the aid of our school iPod Touches. The children will have regular opportunities to post photographs and typed accounts of what they have learned and the things they have enjoyed doing.

We would like to encourage you to post your own comments and questions to the blog during the week, and we will endeavour to share them with the children if the opportunity arises.

Please note that the children will only ever sign off using their first and last initials, and if you wish to direct your comment or question to a particular child we ask that you address them in the same way.

Also note that all comments to the blog must first be approved, and I may  edit them very slightly if need be – mainly for reasons of Internet Safety. This will happen mainly in the evenings so I appreciate your patience!

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Mr. Ross, the rest of the staff team, and all of the children. ???

58 thoughts on “Welcome to Our 2016 Assisi Blog!”

  1. Hello y6, Hope you have all had a enjoyable trip so far….
    A, we all ready miss you including J the dog! See you Friday love mum, dad, nan, H, H and J. xxx

  2. Hope you are having fun and the sun is shining for you all! Cant wait to hear about your adventures. Lots of love!

  3. Glad to hear that you have all landed safely – hope the sun is shining on you! Enjoy Assisi and be good SS 😉 , love Mummy xx

    1. The pictures are fabulous – it looks like you are all having a wonderful time! 6B and 6G all look so grown up and responsible in such a short time – thank you to all the teachers and Father Ivano for their guidance and dedication on this wonderful trip. SS mummy and daddy xx

  4. To S.O, all the year 6’s and the staff! I hope you had a great journey to Assisi and that you have enjoyed your first day? What’s it like there? Wishing you all a fab week, have fun and be safe 🙂 Emma

  5. Hello AH…
    Mama misses you already!! None of your sisters want to sing and dance round the house with me…
    Enjoy your adventure to Assisi and remember to always listen, so you can come home and tell us all about your experiences while your away….
    God bless Love your mamaxxx

  6. To E,
    Glad you all arrived safely. Have an amazing trip!
    Mum’s missing you already, very peaceful!
    Have fun, make sure u keep us up to date.
    Love from the Hartnett’s

  7. Glad you all arrived safely!
    The playground was empty without you all today.
    LF hope you enjoyed the flight,and I look forward to reading all about you adventures.
    Stay safe
    Helen x

  8. Message for MD – Missing you lots, it’s so quiet at home. Have a fantastic week with plenty more ice cream! Lots of love from Mum, Dad, big sister L and little sister K xxx

  9. Hi O, hope you all got there okay and are enjoying your Italian ice cream! Love you lots like jelly tots. Have fun ❤ Mum xx

  10. Congratulations on arriving and surviving what must have been a very tiring journey starting at 4am! I hope the weather is kind to you and enjoy the delicious Gelato and beauty that is Assisi, and most of all enjoy having a great time with your school pals!
    Best wishes to you all and love to my daughter, CL xxx

  11. Ciao Andrea,
    G is missing you (and Italian nocciola ice cream!) so much.
    Lots of love

  12. Wishing B and all his friends a fantastic time in Italy. Hope you are enjoying the ice cream and wonderful hospitality. Missing you already. Hope the Duolingo Italian language app has paid off! P, B and Daddy sent their love B. As does Auntie Jane over filming all the matches in France. She will have news when you get back. Love Mum xx

  13. My sweet N,
    We miss you loads.. all the fun that we have when you get back home from school!…We are following your trip moments and wish you enjoy your time and have the best fun in the world you can ever have.. Stay happy! We all love you.. 🙂

  14. Hi all,
    I hope you are all settled well? I know you are all fed well too. P…. D says enjoy the food as it is amazing! We all know you love your food.. but, you will be well fed (so… don’t worry!).
    We are missing you already and L has taken residence in your room and is very conmfortable! As you requested he is loving the space. I am missing you heaps. Love you loads and always be good.
    Mummy xxx

  15. Hi everyone,
    Hope you are basking in the joys and historical wonders of Italy.

    J, hope you are sleeping well and not staying up to late. xxx

  16. Hello PM ! I hope you are all having a great time and your teachers are enjoying it too. Your dog Max is missing you and using the opportunity to look for sweets in your room…
    Thinking of you Mum , Dad & R

  17. Dear MP, mummy in from 10 North, said that she hopes its not too hot in Italy!
    Sounds like you are all having a great time.
    Are pizzas as good as home?
    Love to all Jaime, Louisa and Blanca

  18. Dear SL,
    We miss you all very much! We can see from the cheerful pictures that you are having so much fun. E is feeding your horse as you recommended …. Love you! x

  19. Ciao a tutti ! Looks like the weather is lovely. JF we have enjoyed seeing your pictures and so have Nonni. Love!

  20. Hi A-L we are all missing you ! The dinner table is very quiet and I miss having your light on late ! Hope you are all having a fantastic time and we will especially miss you for birthday cake tomorrow ?? lots of love Mum, Dad, C, T and S xx

  21. Hi!
    Wow! It seems like you are all having a great time!!
    Enjoy every single second of it.
    Hi PH,
    Twin sister and S missing you soooo much. The rest if us as well!!!!
    Muchiiiisimos besos.

  22. Hi BW, it’s great seeing all the fantastic pictures of your adventures. Football news Vardy has not signed and is stalling. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon as it’s quiet without you. Have fun love your brother x

  23. We miss you M!!! Disfrutad Italia y a practicar el Italiano!! Que comáis muchos helados!! Besitos ???? Mama, Sofi y Daddy xxx

  24. Hello L & C,
    We are all enjoying reading every day about all your exciting activities! We wish we were there to join in! Have a wonderful time! Love from Mum, Dad, E & A xxx

  25. Hello everyone. Looks like you’re all having a great time!
    @KM, we miss you already. L’s asking where are you now. Enjoy!

  26. Dear R,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy this special day with all your friends and have a lot of fun!!!
    Promise….. We will celebrate together when you are back!!
    From mum, dad, S & R

  27. Dear JF,

    Lovely to hear about your trip to Assisi – Granny and I have been following the blog – all the way over here in New Zealand.
    Granny said that she can remember how lovely Italian icecream is.
    Granny said to say a prayer for us at Assisi cathedral.

    Thinking of you honey.

    Lots of love
    Granny and Aunty D. xxxx

  28. It is lovely to see pictures and read stories. We are following the blog, JF and see glimpse of what you are doing.
    Have a wonderful time, I hope the weather holds

  29. OMH…….hello my little star, I hope you, all of year 6, the teachers and Fr. Ivanho are having the time of your lives, creating memories that you will remember for ever. Have a wonderful time. Love you to the moon….and back!

  30. Dear N,
    We are happy you are all enjoying your time, we miss you lots… Hope you are enjoying the Italian food..see you soooooon.. Have fun and enjoy every minute… Love you
    Mum, J & Dad

  31. Looks like you’re all having fun! Very quite without you R look forward to seeing you on Friday!!

    Love Mummy, Daddy and M xxx

  32. Hi A
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time and enjoying this wonderful experience.
    Your brother & I are missing you lots, and can’t wait to hear all about it. God bless you & all .
    Love Mum x

  33. I miss you C and I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your friends and enjoying the delicious ice cream.

    love Ines


  34. Hi Touta, Gorgeous pictures.. Lovely sunny weather, Have amazing time… Enjoy.. Love you..

  35. Dear PH,

    It looks like you are having a great time . Your activities are looking so fun and I look foward to hearing more fun things you are going to do. We are all missing you and enjoy the water park tomorrow .

    Love from,SH

  36. JC ,the rest of year 6 and teachers I hope you are all having a lovely time , it looks fantastic.
    Enjoy the water park tomorrow.
    Please bring me back some of that fantastic icecream !

  37. Hi E! Assisi looks amazing, I hope you are all having a great time. We miss you very much!!
    Lots of love Mum , Dad & L xx

  38. Hello GH

    Hope you’re having a good time – it all looks lovely, Giottos and gelati, who could ask for more – missing you lots

    love Daddy LH&H

  39. Hello EO
    Hope you are enjoying yourself with all your friends, sightseeing and loving the great food. We all miss you very much and can’t wait to see you on Friday!! C keeps calling your name and kicking your football but he will not let any one of us touch it as he says its your ball. Anyway can’t wait to hear about your time in Assisi.
    Love you loads!!!
    Mum, C and Uncle xxx

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