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Great time

We had an amazing tour both in town and out of town. This included the church of Saint Claire and it’s famous rose window.

We then went shopping for a while followed by a delicious ice cream – cioccolato, fragola e limone and much more!

The forecast said it would rain but so far the weather has been amazing. Clear blue skies every day up to now. Most of us are excited for the water park tomorrow!

MP and GC

Day 3 Assisi

Today we had the privilege of reading in a private chapel in the Basilica of San Francesco. One of us read a letter from Saint Paul to the Galatians and the other, a prayer of the faithful.

Father Ivano led us in a beautiful mass about Saint Francis. His homily was an explanation of Assisi’s famous cross – The one that spoke to Saint Francis. Jesus has his eyes open as he is the living Christ. If you look carefully you can see a small man in the left-hand corner. He represents all of us.

This is the cross, originally from San Damiano, which now hangs in the church of St. Clare.

This picture is of the Tau: an early Christian cross which is a symbol of salvation. Saint Francis used it to sign documents.


EC and JC

Walking back from San. Damiano

We took this photo on our walk back up the hill from San Damiano.

Taken by RH!

St. Francis facts

Francis was born in Assisi. He grew up inspired to be a knight but changed his mind after seeing a child in a dream who told him to serve the master and not the servant. Following this he took a vow of poverty and service.

Written by XC

Facts about St. Claire

St. Claire  was a noble woman from a wealthy French family. From the age of 18 she wanted to join the Franciscan order. She was rejected because she was a woman. Claire sent a letter to the Pope asking for poverty. The Pope said this was the first time someone asked for nothing. The Pope sent Claire a letter granting her permission to live in poverty by forming her own order. RH

Mrs. T’s group with Giorgio our guide

Assisi Here We Come!

We set off to Assisi at 4am ready to venture to the wonderful city.

We discovered how historic Assisi is by climbing up the mountain to the fort where we played some games at the top and had lots of fun. We had to hurry back because a storm was brewing!

Some children decided not to come and to play games at the hotel instead.

Our tour guide Giorgio explained to us that Assisi means that it is situated at the side of the mountain and that Assisi comes from the Latin word Asisium.

To be continued…