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The Day we went to The Basilica of Saint  Francis

  • We set of at 8:30 to go to the Basilica.
  • Firstly we went to the crypt where St Francis is buried where we prayed in silence to St Francis .
  • Then we had mass with Father Ivano being our priest, who is a very good priest I need to say, with all of the groups in one, listening to the Bible and singing the songs we were given on a sheet.
  • After mass we had a lovely and enjoyable tour by Father Martin who had a very good sense of humour and a strong American accent and who was also a very kind person.
  • It was very interesting and I learnt many different facts that I neaver thought were true!

And that was my day on Wednesday!


Tour of San Francesco basilica

Day 3:

Today has been awesome, we woke up early had our breakfast and set off to the basilica.

When we got there we met our tour guide, brother Martin. We had an earpiece to hear what he was saying without him shouting.

Brother Martin was hilarious ?. We saw the tomb of Saint Francis and other followers of him who had passed away.

Brother Martin showed us an 800 year old painting that is turning brown because the artist used lead so it is slowly rusting. The other paintings have been beautifully preserved because they didn’t use lead. I found it facinating and so did everyone.

Giotto painted frescos that represented obedience, poverty and Chastity the vows of the monks, symbolised with three knots in their ropes.

Can’t wait till the water park !!!??


Assisi Day 2 – Historical Visits and Ball Games

Today we celebrated Mass in San Damiano.

Then some of us went up to the fort where we played games. I particularly enjoyed this although I did hit the ball playing rounders then fell flat on my face…

Later we looked around the town of Assisi.  As part of the day we went and experienced a tour led by  Marcella. We looked at the tomb in which St Clare was buried. We also saw the crucifix that spoke to St Francis! When we looked at St Clare’s tomb we saw the place that her body is kept.

It was a great day and I learnt much more about the history and lives of both St Clare and St Francis.


Assisi Day One!

This morning, we flew to the fascinating town of Assisi: we had to wake up at 3:45am which was  horrendous! However, in the end, it was definitely worth it; the scorching weather (which I have missed incredibly badly!), the ice-cream and the beautiful, collosal churches!

The meals so far have felt like the food would never end! The order of the food was quite strange; there was pasta first, then chopped beef with courgettes and finally a green salad. Whereas in England, you would normally have a salad as your starter, pasta as your main course and you wouldn’t even have the chopped beef with courgette… MC & MP