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Fun and Games in The Park!

This afternoon we have been in the park playing rounders and frisbee having so much fun and we are all looking forward to a nice pizza soon.

Playing rounders was really fun but also tiring at the same time! We were split into 2 teams, and took turns fielding and batting. Whilst we were batting under the scorching sun, the fielders attempted to catch the foam ball. Luckily, we all achieved a full rounder!

By MC, ED & KM

Is This School or a Holiday?

The Italian sun is shining brighter than we excepted.

We are enjoying the tastey food and the breakfast is fabulous (especially the hot chocolate). Shopping is great and you should wait in excitement for the presents we are bringing home.

And yet we are also learning A LOT! Hello from everyone in Miss D’s group.

AK and PH

Assisi Day Uno

Today, Monday 6th June 2016 we reached the end of day one. It feels like ages since we got here.

We went to Rocca Maggiorre and some of us played rounders whilst others played frisbee with Mr Horton. Overall we all had a fun time and it’s only day one!