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Assisi day 3

Today was a very interesting day, we woke up and got dressed into our grey shirts, we had an amazing breakfast with jam on bread, hot chocolate and cereal.

After half an hour we set off for St Francis basilica. We had a mass there celebrated by father Ivano. After that we had a tour guide called brother Martin and we saw the tomb of St Francis, it was intriguing!! It was the very first time that I had seen St Francis’ story told by looking at frescos (a painting painted on a rock to tell a story).

Now we are in a park and are eating a salami sandwich and a cheese sandwich for lunch. It has been incredibly hot and sunny for the past three days!


Day 2!

Yesterday we went to San Damiano and met a Franciscan friar. After lunch we saw St Clare’s Church and saw her tomb, which was magical. We had a tour guide called Marcella who told us all the facts. I can’t wait for the water park on Thursday.?.


The Outstanding Views!

We explored and ventured up the steep rocky hills to the fantastic castle where we played games.

We peered around the busy rocky streets and saw the ancient St. Claire’s basilica.

Our groups were all lead by our fantastic tour guide, Giorgio. He said that Assisi comes from a word in Latin called Asisium meaning situated on the side of the mountain. In fact Assisi is full of rocky hills which provide lots of delicious food.

This was an amazing first day and I can’t wait till the next adventure!