St Francis’ Basilica

Today (after breakfast) we went to St Francis’ Basilica, we had a tour guide who showed us the meanings of all of the frescos. All of the frescos told stories in the life of St Francis, there was one fresco of Heaven and Hell, on the Heaven side there where all of the Saints but on the Hell side there were skeletons and demons being tortured and there were men growing horns and claws.

When we went downstairs we saw St Francis’ tomb surrounded by the tombs of his first followers. After we went back upstairs and went to a place with artifacts from St Francis’ time. There was a pair of shoes (the tour guide- brother Martin -said they where Nike’s), a robe, some scrolls, a set of rules St Francis wrote for the Franciscans and an ivory horn St Francis had.

We then went outside to a garden with some hedges sheared into the shape of the word PAX which means peace in Latin and there was a hedge the shape of the Tau cross dyed red. We took some photos there and we departed to have lunch in the hotel garden. That’s all so far.


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