Rocca Maggiorre

Yesterday, in the afternoon, we went up to the famous Fort of Assisi. We had to walk up a very steep hill and it was exhausting. At the top everyone looked at the amazing view on high. We dashed back down the hill for an afternoon tour of Assisi. It was a great day!



I got a Ballotelli  shirt  and a Juventus cap. Today I saw Saint Francis’ tomb when we visited and had a tour of his basilica . We listened to a tour guide, who was an American friar called Martin. He was very entertaining!

By  BW

Second day of Assisi

On the 8th of June, year 6 visited St Francis’ basilica on a hill originally called ‘the hill of hell’ (however it is renamed to: ‘the hill of paradise’).

Year 6 had a guided tour, by brother Martin, seeing many beautiful frescoes about bible stories like ‘The Crucifixion’. We also saw St Francis’ tomb, which was 12 feet underground to stop intruders trying to steal the body.

Upstairs, there was a fresco of our lady of the angels which is the most beautiful painting in the world of Mary’s face. We had a wonderful time in St Francis’ basilica!


Basilica of st Francis

We went to mass early this morning then went on a tour to the basilica of St Francis.

Father Martin took us on the tour around the basilica of St Francis and told us about an earth quake which happened in 1997. Some of the frescos were damaged but repaired in 9 months!

He told us about the Bible scenes in the pictures. My favourite picture was the one of St Francis which was painted with paint that had iron in it, which has rusted so it now looks a brown colour.



Mr. Defty and His Little Helpers

Today, we went to have breakfast at 8:00am. We enjoyed our tea, hot-chocolate and a croissant.

With our tummies full, we went to have a tour around the St. Francis’ basilica which went on for 1 hour, and we learned a lot of things about St.Francis’ like where he was buried and his whole life.

This afternoon we are going on another tour of St. Mary of the Angels. BY AOP


Yesterday we went to an ice-cream parlour to get 2 scoops of ice-cream. There were lots of different flavours to pick from like, mango,  chocolate and vanilla.

Afterwards we sat down next to a water fountain and gulped down our ice-cream until there was nothing left! DELICIOUS! By ML

Day 3 Assisi

Today we had the privilege of reading in a private chapel in the Basilica of San Francesco. One of us read a letter from Saint Paul to the Galatians and the other, a prayer of the faithful.

Father Ivano led us in a beautiful mass about Saint Francis. His homily was an explanation of Assisi’s famous cross – The one that spoke to Saint Francis. Jesus has his eyes open as he is the living Christ. If you look carefully you can see a small man in the left-hand corner. He represents all of us.

This is the cross, originally from San Damiano, which now hangs in the church of St. Clare.

This picture is of the Tau: an early Christian cross which is a symbol of salvation. Saint Francis used it to sign documents.


EC and JC

Is This School or a Holiday?

The Italian sun is shining brighter than we excepted.

We are enjoying the tastey food and the breakfast is fabulous (especially the hot chocolate). Shopping is great and you should wait in excitement for the presents we are bringing home.

And yet we are also learning A LOT! Hello from everyone in Miss D’s group.

AK and PH

Tour of San Francesco basilica

Day 3:

Today has been awesome, we woke up early had our breakfast and set off to the basilica.

When we got there we met our tour guide, brother Martin. We had an earpiece to hear what he was saying without him shouting.

Brother Martin was hilarious ?. We saw the tomb of Saint Francis and other followers of him who had passed away.

Brother Martin showed us an 800 year old painting that is turning brown because the artist used lead so it is slowly rusting. The other paintings have been beautifully preserved because they didn’t use lead. I found it facinating and so did everyone.

Giotto painted frescos that represented obedience, poverty and Chastity the vows of the monks, symbolised with three knots in their ropes.

Can’t wait till the water park !!!??